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BCMGlobal in the Netherlands supports Jubilee Place 2020-I securitization deal of BTL loans

18 December 2020

BCMGlobal in the Netherlands has supported the Jubilee Place 2020-I securitization deal of buy-to-let loans, originated by its clients Nestr, Casarion and De Nederlandse.

Citi has supervised and placed the transaction. This securitization is a milestone for BCMGlobal as it shows their services in the Netherlands are not only innovative and customer-oriented, but also robust and scalable.

Since the end of 2019, BCMGlobal has been live in the Netherlands with these three clients, providing end-to-end servicing of buy-to-let mortgages on their technology-led, cloud-based platform. The flexible platform can be adapted and flexed for companies of all sizes and needs across different markets. They add value throughout the loan cycle with a more efficient, digitized and automated process. Even the most complex loan can be underwritten in a matter of minutes.

With the success of our clients’ originations during 2020, this first multi-originator securitization was possible within 12 months and has ratings from Moody’s and S&P Global.

BCMGlobal will be expanding its services within the Netherlands to onboard new lenders that provide private dwelling house mortgages through owner-occupied residential mortgage loans.

Rik Douwes, Managing Director from BCMGlobal said, “As the Netherlands’ new independent mortgage servicer with a proven European track record, we are delighted that our services have supported our clients in this momentous achievement. Nestr, Casarion and De Nederlandse had been on our platform for a year before Citi placed this transaction and this is just the start of our journey in supporting all three companies.”

Rik Douwes

Country Managing Director (the Netherlands)

Tel: +31 88 4229 100