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Our origination and underwriting services for Tulp's residential mortgages

‘We were looking for a provider that could offer us a seamless and flexible service, advanced technology and speed of implementation. We knew we could trust BCMGlobal to contribute to our success.’ Paul Wessels, Tulp

De Nederlandse (Tulp) is a Dutch mortgage provider that specialises in long-term, fixed interest loans to Dutch home owners who are looking to buy, enhance or re-finance their residential homes.

BCMGlobal is proud to support Tulp with an end-to-end solution that gives its consumers, brokers, lenders and investors better access to information through an easy‑to‑use portal, apps and a more efficient, digitised and automated process.

Read our case study to find out more.  

Gerben Jonkman

Managing Director of Servicing (the Netherlands)

Tel: +31 6 46363479