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We are global experts in providing administration and innovative financial services. We have over €80bn of assets under management and over 112,000 loans under management.

Our clients are typically lenders or investors, both traditional and non-traditional.

Across the UK, we have dedicated teams providing new lending services, including real estate finance, mortgage services, renewable energy loan services and restructured finance.

Mortgage services

We offer our clients a range of white-labelled outsourced mortgage services to help them manage their loan portfolios cost-effectively.

We support residential, buy-to-let and commercial loans on a first or second-charge basis for regulated and non-regulated clients – including retail banks, building societies, specialist lenders, pension, hedge and private equity funds.

How do we help?


We work with established lenders and new entrants looking to originate loans direct from the consumer, through intermediaries or branch networks. We can provide technology or work with your chosen provider to take loans from enquiry to offers. When completing, we use your lending and product criteria to grow high-quality loan portfolios to hold to maturity or trade on capital markets.

Loan servicing

We support post-completion servicing of loan books that are originating or dormant, held in a variety of funding structures. We manage all elements from collections and borrower enquiries to credit bureau and regulatory requirements. Loans are managed to end-of-term, through either natural redemption or special servicing activities – ensuring that we are Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and to deliver the best outcomes for your borrowers.


We are an authorised administrator, lender and advisor on material changes in regulated mortgage contracts. We also undertake legal hold title under our permissions or through a regulated lending entity within our global organisation under which we can offer compliance and oversight services.

Standby/Back Up

We have a range of standby options behind a variety of funding or securitised structures to back up other administrators providing security and improved execution. Our standby types are cold, warm, hot or dynamic depending on invocation periods.

Our goal is to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients, to lighten the regulatory burden and provide a first-class customer experience.

The results of our annual survey 2020

Every year, we ask our clients what they think of us so we can deliver a better customer experience for their borrowers.

How are we doing? What’s going well, or not so well? How can we do better?

Despite 2020’s challenges, we are pleased to see that our clients scored us higher than ever in our ability to work with them and solve their problems.

They also told us what they need in 2021 which we’ve been working hard to deliver.

Renewable energy loan services

We provide a green solution for both lenders and investors in the renewable energy sector, helping you manage your loans in this growing market.

We are the first third-party loan servicer for renewable energy in the UK. Partnering with us allows you to focus on your core business of investing, while your portfolio is managed by project finance professionals within our dedicated renewable energy team.

Whether taking a first step into the renewable energy sector through acquisition, origination or outsourcing an existing administration function, we offer a full suite of loan management services to make it easier to access this growing market.

We can help you wherever you are on your journey:

  • Construction and development phase
  • Ongoing operational phase
  • Decommissioning phase

How can we help?

Relationship/loan management

We act as a single point of contact for any loan or portfolio we service, engaging in the management of borrowers and third-party relationships from technical advisors to legal counsels

Credit management

We take responsibility for ongoing credit analysis and the monitoring of facilities, including loans, bonds, and private placements for lenders and borrowers

Financial model management and forecasting

We assume all analysis of financial performance, financial forecasting, and scenario analysis using complex financial models


We create reports tailored to your business’s requirements, delivered in line with an agreed schedule or as required

Borrower compliance

We monitor, calculate and test all financial covenants, AML, and insurance, as well as the procuring and analysing of borrower reporting and management information

Cash Management

We check the conditions precedent and process drawdowns. We also administer bank accounts, manage payment waterfalls, and ensure timely principal and interest payments

You will benefit from:

  • Speed to market
  • Reduced risk, including systems and operational
  • Scale without additional fixed cost

Structured finance

Our business provides front, middle and back office services to lenders and investors in private and public credit sectors. We support strategic objectives and add value to performance. Our established services of excellence/specialist services include:

  • Full loan administration and loan servicing
  • Portfolio strategy, business planning and legacy services
  • Facility agent and security agent services
  • Arrears support unit / settlement agreements / work out strategies
  • Securitisations / primary servicer / special servicer / back-up servicer

The facilities managed range from corporate and infrastructure debt to new loan originations, residential development funding, renewable energy financing and securitisations.

Within the team we also monitor and report on covenant obligations under the facilities managed.

The SFG team act in a number of different roles throughout the portfolio. These include facility, agent, cash manager, servicer and special servicer.

You can download our Structured Finance brochure here.


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