In the Netherlands, we are the market-leading independent mortgage servicer.  We offer lender and investor-oriented services under the BCMGlobal brand including origination, bank outsourcing, and stand-by/back-up servicing, while broker-oriented services such as packaging, marketing and distribution are provided under our full service FlexFront brand.  FlexFront has over 1,200 broker clients and is a seven-time “Golden Lotus” Award winner for best service provider in the Netherlands.


We help investors access opportunities and grow their business across jurisdictions, so they can achieve the highest possible return while mitigating risk.

We have experience of servicing loans across 10 locations across multiple asset classes enabling investors to grow in new European markets using our origination and distribution platform. We also provide a centralised approach and reports for all international investments.

Our technology enables us to provide investors with better processes and information to help them manage their investment more effectively.


We offer borrowers a smoother, more digitised application process so they can fulfil their personal finance plans and goals.

  • Easy access to loan information to evaluate their options.
  • Quicker decisions on loan applications.

Greater flexibility, such as modifying loans and selecting preferred invoicing date

Gerben Jonkman
Managing Director of Servicing
Bisonspoor 3002-B301
3605 LT
Telephone: +31 (0) 30 306 0333