Who are we?

We are global experts in providing administration and innovative financial services. We have over €80bn of assets under management and over 112,000 loans under management.

Our dedicated team in Italy provides end-to-end services across the full loan lifecycle. We support workout of non-performing loans (NPL), unlikely-to-pay (UTP) and lease loan portfolios, and manage real estate collaterals within them.

In Italy, we resolve around 70 per cent of portfolios consensually – achieving one of the highest success rates in the market against some of our fiercest competitors.

We deliver our five core loan and debt services as a one-stop shop: NPL, UTP, leasing, REOCO and real estate.

How do we help?

Our clients rely on us to maximise value while minimising risks and protecting returns.

We help them with:

  • End-to-end solutions across the full debt management lifecycle, including non-performing exposures servicing and structured finance activities
  • Complete solutions across the loan lifecycle including origination, underwriting, acquisition advisory and the related special servicing activities, while finding the best strategy to maximise the performance
  • Bank outsourcing: we undertake the management of full banking operations including transforming core and non-core banking activities
  • Portfolio management
  • Non-Performing Loan (NPL) servicing
  • UTP loan management
  • Leasing loan management (in conjunction with ‘leasco’)
  • Oversight and supervisory portfolio management


We can support the full credit management lifecycle, including sourcing of portfolios and single-name investment opportunities in the primary and secondary market. We assist during acquisition phase with underwriting, due diligence and bid support, setting up of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), completing data migration/onboarding on our IT systems, and providing loan and real estate asset management and resolution.


Our REOCO clients want support from a steady hand throughout the legal process and complexity surrounding credit bids, repossession and asset management activities.

They want to protect or add value to their assets, so we participate in real estate auctions during legal procedures and undertake management activities until full resolution – including disposal and sale.

We also:

  • Proactively manage stakeholders and third parties to ensure efficiency
  • Manage the legal bid, focusing on your preferred delivery time and budget
  • Prepare business plan plus bid credit analysis and submission
  • Establish and appoint a skilled and experienced project management team (technical, construction contractors, asset managers, advisors, real estate brokers)
  • Monitor and oversee all project activities in line with business plan and until full resolution

Read more about our REOCO services here.

Real estate

Our clients want to maximise loan recovery through the selling of the collateral assets on the open market for the best possible value.

When an asset is being sold consensually with the borrower, or for sale by way of judicial auction, we achieve best possible value by driving the activity of our network of brokers and introducing the real estate asset to our investor network. 

We also:

  • Create competitive tension to maximise recovery by driving up or sustaining the price of the assets
  • Monitor and challenge third-party brokers’ activities to make sure they’re getting the best possible attention at auction for our clients

Who do we help?

We help private equity firms:

  • Manage all asset and loan classes
  • Manage complex real estate assets
  • Preserve and add value to REOCO assets
  • Access innovative investment opportunities and grow their business across jurisdictions
  • Engage with us as their project, technical and development manager and as advisors to support all process, including sell-side

We help banks:

  • Access best practice and information for managing their investment
  • Sell NPEs at the highest possible value
  • Manage bad loans and UTPs
  • Save time and focus on their core business
  • Mitigate risk
  • Manage their operations in regulated environments

We help asset managers:

  • Manage all asset and loan classes of their credit funds
  • Outsource REOCO services
  • Access loan information to evaluate their options
  • Get quicker decisions on loans

Contact us and read our brochure to find out more.

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Head of Servicing (Italy)

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Luigi La Loggia

Senior Manager – Business Development, Investment & Advisory

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Alessandro Di Martino

Senior Manager – Business Development and Advisory (Italy)

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