The Netherlands

Who are we?

We are global experts in providing technology-led administration and innovative financial services.

Our clients are typically lenders or investors, both traditional and non-traditional, dealing with secured and unsecured credit. Since several acquisitions in the Dutch market, we are a multi-specialist in the areas of packaging, underwriting, primary servicing and special servicing.

In the Netherlands, we are the market-leading independent mortgage servicer and active in the market under two distinct brands: FlexFront for broker-oriented services and BCMGlobal for lender and investor-oriented services.


BCMGlobal has over €80bn of assets under management and over 112,000 loans under management, providing services across origination, bank outsourcing, NPL/bank deleveraging, structured finance and stand-by/back-up services


Flexfront is market leader in the Netherlands on packaging and distribution, and five-time ‘Golden Lotus’ Award winner for best service provider in the Netherlands. FlexFront is a full service business partner for brokers, helping them succeed in a sustainable business. With over 1,200 brokers as client, FlexFront is a well-respected and appreciated marketing and distribution partner for lenders.

How do we help?

Our end-to-end service

We help mortgage brokers, lenders, investors and borrowers with our disruptive and technology-led approach. We offer a better proposition than any other provider, with an end-to-end and flexible cloud-based platform that can be adapted locally.

We have heavily invested in technology to develop a customer-focused state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform. It’s designed to flex and scale for corporations of all sizes and needs across different markets, adding value and intelligence throughout the loan cycle. Our portals are easy-to-use with a more efficient, digitised and automated process. Even the most complex loan can now be underwritten in less than one minute.

Clients can appoint a single provider to support them throughout the loan cycle from origination and underwriting, through to servicing and work-out. We service all types of asset classes, such as consumer loans, residential mortgages, and commercial loans including Commercial Real Estate, Buy to Let and Small Medium Enterprises loans.

Who do we help?

As Europe’s leading independent servicer, we support our clients across multiple geographies through our local and global expertise in the marketplace. We help them achieve their goal: to optimise results and performance.


We are a full business partner for brokers, enabling them to have a sustainable business now and in the future. We provide brokers with full services and software to do business more efficiently and profitably. We offer:

  • Access the right mortgage products to meet their consumers’ needs and financial circumstances, making it easy for them to:
    • Apply for pre-approval
    • Collect and upload the correct supporting documents
    • Communicate with the lender and borrower efficiently, resulting in a closed loan after a smooth and reliable process
  • Broker software; workflow, CRM, billing etc.
  • Active Servicing
  • Online proposition (findability and advisory tools)


We help lenders deploy new capital effectively and support them from beginning to end of the loan lifecycle. We reduce the risk and complexity so they can save time and focus on their core business.

We also connect lenders with servicing infrastructure and expertise across jurisdictions, enabling them to access new markets without building costly infrastructure themselves.

Our technology-led, open architecture end-to-end solution gives lenders an efficient, speedier and transparent service. Our large team of risk and compliance professionals are trusted to manage our clients’ operations in regulated environments.


We help investors access opportunities and grow their business across jurisdictions, so they can achieve the highest possible return while mitigating risk.

We have experience of servicing loans across 10 locations across multiple asset classes, so investors can grow in new European markets using our origination and distribution platform. We also provide a centralised approach and reports for all their international investments.

Our technology enables us to provide investors with better processes and information so that they can manage their investment more effectively.


We offer borrowers a smoother, more digitised application process so they can fulfil their personal finance plans and goals. We give them:

  • Easy access to loan information so they can evaluate their options
  • Quicker decisions on loan applications
  • Greater flexibility, such as modifying their loan and picking their own invoicing date

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