The BCMGlobal Whistleblower Policy sets out BCMGlobal’s approach to encourage and support the disclosure of reportable conduct and protect Whistleblowers from any retribution or other detriment that may arise as a result of their disclosure. BCMGlobal defines reportable conduct as an actual or suspected illegal, unacceptable or undesirable conduct.

BCMGlobal does not tolerate reportable conduct under any circumstances and encourages a culture of reporting actual or suspected conduct which is illegal, unacceptable or undesirable.

In keeping with its values of Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Commitment and Teamwork, BCMGlobal is committed to encouraging and supporting ethical and responsible behaviour.

BCMGlobal recognises the important role whistleblowing can play in the early detection of reportable conduct and understands that individuals who are considering disclosing Reportable Conduct may fear retribution or other detriment and require an assurance of protection.

Any person that reports reportable conduct as a Whistleblower who is acting honestly, reasonably and with genuine belief about the reportable conduct will be supported and protected. Investigations of reportable conduct will be conducted in an objective, fair, independent, thorough and confidential manner.

If you wish to make a disclosure under our Whistleblowing Policy, please email whistleblower@bcmglobal.com